Иван Гончаров "Обломов" на английском языке Ivan Goncharov «OBLOMOV»

Артикул: ВОК051
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When the novel "Oblomov" was published in 1859 by IA Goncharov, readers hardly suspected that they were holding one of the "corner-stone" Russian books in their hands. Goncharov not only showed an amazing, paradoxical type of Russian man, but also made this name a nominal.

Oblomov made it possible for Dobrolyubov to brand this "sign of the times", which "must be burned and dispelled" (which, of course, Lenin liked so much). However, the apology of Oblomov by the writer and critic Druzhinin is much more understandable today: "He is dear to us as an independent and pure nature, completely independent of the scholastic-moral diligence that stains the vast majority of people ..."

The French composite hand-made binding is made of a combination of genuine leather (leather "Gabinetto Brown", leather "Iguano" produced by the Italian tannery "Benericetti"). The cover of the book is decorated with relief gold embossing. The edge of the block is hand-polished and is made in the unique technique "Chameleon".

  • Certificate. Velvet cover.
  • The number of pages - 546 (offset paper, black and white printing).
  • Size - 165х245х49 mm.
  • Weight -  0.9 kg.